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Paws- Diane Day on Today "reboot"

Hi I’m Diane Day, a recently retired K9 Police Officer, it was a great career for the “I’m a helper, I can’t help it” in me. Now, I’m trading in my gun belt for a tool belt ( my hips & back can’t buy a break)  in hopes of following my other passions & helping others in a different way.

Paws- Knight & Day

Knight & Day

This handsome fellow is my K9 Partner “Knight” he retired with me and now shares my home along with my 4 (Yes 4!) other rescued pups,  3 Rat Terriers, Pixie, Dixie & Belle & “Eileen” the Husky…I know, I know! sounds like “Crazy Dog Lady” syndrome! 🙂  oops! I almost forgot “Mama” the cat. She adopted Me, &  doesn’t quite understand why I can’t let her in the house, where she would most likely be eaten. 🙁  How she arrived on my doorstep one day is another long story that  I won’t bore you with right now

PAWS- Mama Cat


Now, can understand why the title for my blog is naturally PAWS. 😉

I have lived here on Long Island NY my entire life, growing up I was your typical “tomboy” riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing sports, ‘cowboy & indians’ skinning my knees & sometime getting a few stitches along the way. I also was “daddy’s little helper”  following him around while he did home improvements, or working meticulously on the lawn & garden. That is where my love for DIY began, a former Marine who lead by example & was an awesome Dad. He passed away in 2013 & I miss him terribly, but I hear him guiding me though the process of every project. <3

I have to also give many thanks to my Mom for being my biggest cheerleader & #1 supporter in every aspect of my life. I just wished I shadowed her around more when she was sewing or knitting, two very valuable skills I lack!  I’m very proud of her for she continues to learn how to operate all the latest gadgets & is pretty “tech savvy”  but if she starts tweeting we are all in trouble!

My love of biographies, history, & travel are right up there on my favorite things to do list.  I really enjoy driving across the USA, which I think helped shape my nostalgic “vintage style”

PAWS-Owasso, Oklahoma

Owasso, Oklahoma

Paws- Shoney's Big Boy museum Charleston, W.Virginia

Charleston, W.Virginia

PAWS-My first trip to Lucketts Spring Market in  2012

My first trip to Lucketts Spring Market in 2012

& the thrill of “treasure” hunting to me never gets old. Others may see it as just collecting junk, & I’m OK with that. But, just maybe by showing my trash to treasures I can get them to think outside of the box & keep useful stuff from filling up the landfills or being melted down as scrap.

Thank you for stopping by & I look forward to meeting new friends & exchanging ideas,

Take Care,

Diane Day


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Diane not sure if you remember me ,, mutual friends Artie -Patty ,Denise,Carole.. I gave you the knight and day poster years back.. Anyway congratulations on retiring and good luck in your new career .. I love it!!
    Happy Holidays
    Linda Auer

  2. Your second career will be just as rewarding as the first because of who you are.all the best.can’t wait to visit the new space! Is it next week?

  3. Hi Diane! I too am Diane, born and raised on LI lol. I found you thru Miss Mustard Seed. Just wanted to wish you luck on your new venture. 🙂

    • Hi Diane .
      oh how cool & love your email address too LOL
      Thanks for stopping in. Isn’t Miss Mustard Seed the Best!
      such a kind heart! & if I could accomplish half of the things she does in a week I’d be one happy girl! truly inspiring 🙂

  4. I look forward to seeing your blog grow and develop. Your bench is great and I love your pups. We have three–a Blue Heeler mix (rescue), a MacNabb Border Collie (from Montana) and a wonderful little ChaWeenie that I rescued from the side of the road. I just wonder what took us so long to get a tiny dog? She thinks she’s 100 lbs and holds her own wonderfully with her big sisters and the cows and donkeys.

    • Thanks Bambi,
      I also had a Blue Heeler her name was Nike she passed last year at the grand old age of 16, she was such a good girl!
      I also always adopted big dogs a Rottie, a greyhound, and my 1st K9 partner (german shepherd ) prior to adopting my 3 little lap dogs. thanks again for taking the time to say hello. everyone has been so thoughtful & encouraging <3

  5. I just found your blog through Miss Mustard Seed. I signed up to be a follower!! I feel like we are kindred spirits in a way. I am an avid DIYer with the dream to have my own blog. Not talent with the tech stuff.

    • Thanks Cheri!
      It’s all very new & exciting!
      There is soo much to learn here in the “blog world”
      When I first published my post I didn’t even have a subscribe box or share buttons on there
      days later when I finally figured it out I had to go back & add them, but I look forward to enjoying the process as it evolves
      Follow you dreams!

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