Hello world!

Welcome to Pretty Antiques Wonderful Salvage!

Or as I like to call it P.A.W.S.  

My name is Diane & this is my first post! Yay!!!

Please bear with me as I learn to navigate the blog world & use my iPhone pics. (I hope to learn how to take proper photographs with a real digital Camera one day very soon.) So grab some Iced Tea & have a seat on my front porch

PAWS- Diane's front porch

Let’s get to know one another, & talk about DIY, flea markets, Restoring, Repurposing,”Junk”, Pets, Travel  &  whatever else you can think of to have some FUN!

This is one of my Pups “Pixie”  checking out one of my recent projects.cropped-bench-with-Pixie.jpg

My friend Jodie gave me a sofa/console table which I didn’t need, so I repurposed it into a bench to put at the foot of my bed & I’m such a rookie I forgot to take my own “before” photo. so I’ll improvise, it looked similar to this one I found online

bench from console like this

I first unscrewed the feet & removed the bottom shelf then cut the legs down to 17″ I had to take the threaded inserts out of the cut off pieces, drill new holes into the shortened legs, then reinsert the threaded hanger bolts ( I think that’s what you call them)bench legs metal screw inserts

Then I added my grandmother’s needlepoint cushion to the top & Voila!

Paws - Bench at foot of bed with need point cushion

Not the best “after” photo either. 🙁  Remember I said I was a Rookie!! 🙂

Now, I’m looking at the bed & bench thinking it might be time to paint them also with some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. hmmmm?? What do you think?

I look forward to any suggestions or comments you may have. (click on reply section below)

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46 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Wonderful to see the same journey! I too am a police officer about to retire in November to take on my love of upcycling furniture full time. I’m a long way from you as in New Zealand (and a crazy cat lady rather than a dog person) Will follow your blog avidly how exciting for us both! Sending best wishes and fun times to you from the other side of the world! 🙂

    • Oh that’s great! Raewyn, Congratulations! & Stay Safe! I love all animals My sister was the cat lady 😉 It is so exciting Please keep me updated on your up-cycling. follow your heart!
      So nice to meet you & Thank you!

  2. Wow! Your first post and you already have 87 followers! Congrats! I’m adding my name to the subscription list. Would love to see what you do in the future. LOVE the puppies — keep them in the blog posts! Good luck !

  3. So happy to find you as you begin this next chapter in your life! (thanks, Miss Mustard Seed) I wish you the best and as far as perfect…neither are any of us!!

    • Thanks Sharon
      I love your Blog! and what a great post touring your antique mall Best of Luck with your 2nd career too, I look forward to traveling along with you

  4. Thanks so much for gifting Miss Mustard Seed with the paper cutter and for your service as a police officer. I recently retired and am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my time. So if you don’t mind, I think I would like to hang out with you as I figure things out. It’s true that every journey starts with a single step. Just remember those steps can be as fun and inspirational as YOU make them. I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you. Best of luck and welcome to the “Land of Blog” !

    • Thanks for the encouragement Mary!
      you’re more than welcome to hang with me while you figure things out, the more the merrier!
      All I can say is just listen to your heart & follow where it leads 🙂

  5. I love.. love.. love the way you came up with the name of your blog…. 🙂 … I “discovered” you via Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog… had to come on over and see for myself…. very exciting!!! I’m signing up !!!!! Congrats on retirement and on the new blog!!! Your little Fur Baby is tooooo cute!!!!

  6. Diane, I heard of you through Marian’s (MMS) blog. I am going to subscribe to your blog and congrats on your brave new start. I also love your dog! You go girl.

  7. Via MMS ~ Congrats on starting your blog!!! Will be in Manhattan Oct 13th thru the 20th ~ an recommendations on a flea market or cool antique stores to go to?? Thanks!

    Allison in NC!

    • Thank You Allison,
      on the weekends there are 2 Flea markets in Manhattan I like to visit here is their website, http://www.annexmarkets.com
      & there is the Brooklyn Flea (which is really 3 different markets on different days of the weekend) it’s just a subway,bus or ferry ride or walk/drive across a bridge away from Manhattan, here is their website http://brooklynflea.com
      I hope you enjoy your trip & let me know if you find any treasures while visiting & thanks for stopping checking out my blog 🙂 if you get down to East Houston street Billy’s Antiques is neat to check out though I have never bought anything there The “American pickers” have stopped by his place with a sideshow banner http://billysantiques.com/billysantiques_history.html But more importantly across the street is the famous Katz’s Delicatessen since 1888 (as seen in the movie Harry met Sally) http://katzsdelicatessen.com/hours-and-directions/ you might say they are a little pricey for a sandwich until you see the size of them I usually split one with whomever I’m with ,or box up the rest for later 😛 I could go on & on but I’ll give you a break
      Take Care!

      • Thank you so much for the information! Hoping that I can get to at least one of them! Can’t wait for more from your blog!!!

        • And don’t worry about going on and on about NYC ~ we love NYC!!! We have been blessed to go several times and we love it! It is our preferred destination. We are doing Monday to Monday just so we can do the Brooklyn Tabernacle on Sunday and I wanted to do the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday. I love all things NYC!

      • And now, I ‘m being crazy ~ if you want a flea market partner on 10/18, left me know and I can send dear husband and darling daughter on their way and I can meet up for a little flea market fun!

  8. Read about you on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and just had to visit. I love the idea of what you did to the sofa table, but love Pixie more. I am a dog lover and any furniture redo. Good luck with you blog and I will check in on you too.

  9. Love it and the litttle pooch sitting on top too! I would definitly hit that bed up with some Miss Mustard Seed. It would look beautiful antiqued! Love the name too! <3

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